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Vibration Analysis, Engine Balancing, and More

At E/CPET, Inc., we understand that engine/compressor analysis is the central part of a proactive preventive/predictive maintenance program. It is used to diagnose the presence of mechanical problems and assess the current mechanical condition.

We use a data collector and PC-based software to store data for analysis and trending. Our analysts are capable of detecting numerous engine and compressor problems and recommending appropriate solutions.


  • Improves plant performance to maximize profits.
  • Increases machine availability, efficiency, and safety.
  • Decreases the cost of operation.


  • Integral engine/compressor units.
  • Separable engine/compressor units.
  • Electric motor driven reciprocating compressors.
  • Turbine driven compressors.
  • Rotating equipment of all types.

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"B" Probe Inspections

"B" probe inspections allow monitoring of the condition of high-wear reciprocating components without dismantling the equipment. We are proud to offer our "B" probe inspection procedure as the first company trained and authorized to use the "B" Probe System patented by Beta Machinery Analysis Ltd.

Benefits of a "B" Probe Inspection

  • Reduced parts inventory.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Reduced catastrophic failures.
  • Extended runtime between overhauls.
  • Improved labor and maintenance scheduling.
  • Controlled downtime and increased production.

The objective is to determine the health of those components in reciprocating machinery that tend to have high wear rates. Components in good condition should be left in operation. Only the worn-out parts should be replaced. In most cases, this analysis method does not require dismantling of reciprocating parts.

A "B" Probe Inspection Avoids

  • Disturbing parts that are well "bedded."
  • Introducing dirt into the oil wetted parts.
  • Improper installation of parts.
  • Installation of incorrect parts.
  • Only spark plugs, fuel valves, and crankcase doors need to be removed on most units.

A "B" Probe Inspection Includes:

  • A dry and wet air leak test to measure the sealing ability of rings, gaskets, and valves; both dry and wet tests are performed to confirm leakage contributed by piston rings.
  • A visual inspection of spark plugs.
  • Measurement of wrist pin, connecting rod, and master rod clearances our air lift test.
  • Visual borescope inspection of internal engine power cylinder components.
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Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis reduces the unscheduled downtime of rotating machinery. We use a data collector and PC-based software to analyze spectrum data. This approach allows us to detect the presence of malfunctions and determine the current condition inside equipment. Applications include fans, pumps, and turbines: virtually any rotating equipment. Spectrum analysis can also be used to locate piping problems. Benefits include:

  • Reduced Operating Cost
  • Reduced Spare Parts Inventory
  • Minimized Downtime

Detectable Malfunctions

  • Bearing Wear
  • Gear Wear
  • Shaft Misalignment
  • Rotating Unbalance
  • Loose Belts
  • Mechanical Looseness

Engine Balancing

Engine balancing improves performance and reduces operating costs. When a cylinder fails to carry its share of the load, the other cylinders must pick up that load. This can easily cause some of the cylinders to experience excessive firing pressures, temperatures, and even detonation.

During detonation, pressures well in excess of design values will occur. This overloads pin bushings, connecting rod bearings, and main bearings. However, the real damage to the engine is caused by the extreme temperatures that accompany detonation.

Thermal stresses caused by the extreme temperature can result in cracked cylinder heads and cylinders. Lubrication breakdowns result in scuffing and wearing of rings and liners, wearing of port bridges, and ultimately piston seizure. Our balancing services help alleviate these problems.

Other Services

From time to time, we have been asked by our customers to provide the following services in addition to our usual analysis services:

  • Preventive/Predictive Program Design and Setup
  • Overhaul Planning and Oversight
  • Project Management
  • Failure Analysis


Training is available periodically or on-site by request. Periodically, we offer classes for engine power cylinder balancing, basic engine/compressor analysis, and advanced engine/compressor analysis at our location.